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VBS VetVerlag, Beratung und Seminar GmbH
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VBS VetVerlag, Beratung und Seminar GmbH

VBS is a producer and distributor of veterinary medicine media and continuing education courses specifically focusing on the fields of rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

Our Mission 
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Our Philosophy

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  • Together to success
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Founder Dr. med. vet. Beate Egner's heart beats for  cardiology and hemodynamics and related cardiovascular conditioning including sports medicine and rehabilitation; after her dissertation she specialized at the Animal Medical Center in New York with Dr. Phil Fox and Dr. Betsy Bond. After initially working with horses she than focused on small animal cardiology and blood pressure related topics. While waiting  for an offered  vacancy at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich (LMU)  she took on a position as a European Technical Marketing Manager with Sandoz, based in the UK. She took the opportunity to further learn the marketing business at the Management Center Europe (MCE) in Brussels and continued to work part time in cardio-vascular research, while Sandoz and Ciba Geigy have merged to Novartis. “My heart beats for veterinary medicine  but I still benefit from that marketing experience today," she proudly explains.

At the turn of the millennium, Dr. Egner became self employed and founded Schloss Seminars while working as a referral hypertensiologist in close collaboration with different clinics and practices . "I wanted to offer hands on continuing education in a beautiful setting," Egner explains. This idea was very well received by the veterinary community, especially because Egner repeatedly succeeded in attracting outstanding speakers for her events. The networker with great power of persuasion then founded her own vet publishing house four years later, which has since published quite a few veterinary bestsellers. Amongst many other titles, the first and still only book entirely dedicated to blood pressure (Essential Facts of Blood Pressure in Dogs and Cats) as well as the standard work, "Essential Facts of Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine in Companion Animals” launched in 2019.  It became the reference work in this field on all continents in just one year.

In 2006, the veterinarian merged these business areas and has since been operating under the name VBS VetVerlag - Beratung und Seminar GmbH, which she heads as managing director while remaining a referral veterinarian with increasing activities in cardio-vascular but also performance research. Meanwhile Schloss-Seminar was integrated into the Veterinary Academy of Higher Learning as she is meanwhile offering academic education globally.

The business areas of VBS are based on the following pillars, which led to the term VBS Group:

Veterinary Continuing Education

VBS - VAHL - Continuing Education

We started organizing veterinary education and continuing education programs in Germany. Currently our programs and seminars are held on every continent.Created to inspire excellence and promote career advancement. Our goal is to provide learning opportunities that are engaging and inspiring. Our internationally recognized programs are offered both online and on-campus

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Veterinary Specialized Literature

Veterinary Specialized Literature

Our specialized literature is highly relevant in everyday practice. Thematic focuses are on physical medicine, rehabilitation and sports medicine in animals. Furthermore veterinary specialized literature is available on topics like blood pressure, ECG, ophthalmology and dermatology. These books are written in the fact style- to the point, including tutorial videos to allow for an easy and fast learning.

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Veterinary Consulting Services

Veterinary Consulting Services

VBS gives scientific advice to companies pre-clinical and clinical research, clinical trials and ongoing studies in the development of new veterinary drugs, identifying new properties of registered drugs, development and implementation of medical devices or therapeutic protocols. We also offer comprehensive business consultations and implementation plans to help you realize your practice’s or clinic full potential. 

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Let us realize that the privilege to work is a gift, that power to work is a blessing and that love of work is success.

~ David O. McKay


Due to the strong international growth of our business sectors, a structure adapted to this is necessary. We will implement this in the form of a management holding company. The purpose of our future holding structure is to organise our subsidiaries and multiple business divisions so that they act independently and are still subject to central management.

The holding structure serves to facilitate these mutual dependencies. This provides a cohesive and centralised management structure that allows the VBS HOLDING to maximise its performance and growth.

VBS HOLDING is the central holder of multiple property assets, what allows us to:

  • diversify more efficiently;
  • invest in new ventures;
  • give greater power to the subsidiaries.
VBS Holding

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Thematic focuses: Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine in Animals, as well as Cardiovascular Diagnosis, Conditioning and Monitoring