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  • Essential Facts of Equine Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine
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    Introducing a groundbreaking reference in equine physical therapy, rehabilitation, and sports medicine!

    With contributions from over 80 renowned experts, the book is a pinnacle of knowledge in the field. This comprehensive tome is authored by experienced veterinarians and physiotherapists who have contributed significantly to equine health and performance.

    João Paulo Marques, the editing author, is not only one of the leading experts in the field. He has spent many years involved with high level sport including different roles in the FEI and at the Olympic Games.

    This valuable resource contains also the work of prestigious university professors, representing academic expertise from around the world. It serves as a reference and is a recommended textbook for veterinary students and professionals specializing in physical therapy, rehabilitation, and sports medicine.

    Endorsed by numerous universities worldwide, this book resource offers unparalleled insights into equine health and performance. It features an interactive approach to learning, guiding readers through concise texts, essential facts, and scientific highlights. Illustrated with over 1000 images and supplemented by tutorial videos, it provides a dynamic and engaging educational experience to transform the knowledge of worldwide experts into a valuable and comprehensive format.

    Whether you are a seasoned veterinarian, vet nurse, or other veterinary professional, a human physical therapist interested in equine rehabilitation, or even a trainer looking to prevent injuries, this book is an indispensable resource. From the athletic horse to the leisure companion, every equine health and performance aspect is covered comprehensively.

    Reading and studying from this book promises not just education, but also an immersive journey into the world of equine physical therapy, rehabilitation, and sports medicine.

    Take advantage of this essential addition to your professional library!

    Dr. Beate Egner
    DVM, PhD

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    Editor: Barbara Bockstahler

    Main Authors (alph. order): Barbara Bockstahler, David Levine, Johann Maierl, Darryl Millis, Kathleen Wittek

    New benchmark in Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine in Companion Animals

    1st edition 2019

    ISBN 978-3-938274-30-9

    VBS GmbH

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    Hrsg. Barbara Bockstahler
    Hauptautoren (alph. Reihenfolge): Barbara Bockstahler, David Levine, Johann Maierl, Darryl Millis, Kathleen Wittek

    Neues Standardwerk für Physikalische Medizin, Rehabilitation und Sport Medizin bei Kleintieren

    2. Auflage 2022

    ISBN 978-3-938274-33-0

    VBS GmbH

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    Jens Linek (Hrsg.), Frederica Maggio, Stefano Pizzirani,ein Leitfaden für die Kleintierpraxis

    Buchklassiker zum Thema Ophthalmologie für die Kleintierpraxis.

    1. Auflage 2008

    ISBN 978-3-938274-20-0

    VBS VetVerlag, Buchhandel ud Seminar GmbH

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    Ophthalmologie auf den Punkt gebracht mit DVD ein Leitfaden für die Kleintierpraxis von Jens Linek (Hrsg.) Federica Maggio | Stefano Pizzirani BE-VetVerlag, Babenhausen, 2008 ISBN 978-3-938274-21-7 (english edition) ISBN 978-3-938274-20-0 (german edition), Mit Lehrvideos auf DVD Dies ist ein lehrendes Buch, kein Lehrbuch. Endlich steht dem Leser ein Buch zur…

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    German edition of “Essential Facts of Blood Pressure in Dogs and Cats”.

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    Englische Ausgabe von “Blutdruck auf den Punkt gebracht. Ein Leitfaden für die Kleintierpraxis”.

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    Author: Prof. Dr. Ralf S. Müller LMU München

    ISBN 978-3-938274-19-4

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