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VBS Continuing Professional Development

Continuing veterinary education is the foundation to continually maintain, improve and expand your professional and personal skills and knowledge to ensure you remain professionally competent.

In our job we learn something new every day. Much of this learning you may not even recognize when it happens. Veterinary medicine is complex and there will always be a gap between what we know and what we aspire to. By having access to our certified courses and brilliant instructors, our course participants have the opportunity to minimize these gaps and achieve goals they would otherwise likely never reach.

Continuing Professional Development is necessary for the execution of professional and technical duties. CPD maintains and improves clinical performance and enhances professional competence by keeping up to date with the general developments and considering the continual advances in veterinary medicine.

Our programme of courses for vets offers great value.

VBS is here with the Veterinary Academy of Higher Learning (VAHL) to support you in all stages of your career – wherever you are and whenever you need it. We are providing the highest quality of blended continuing education to veterinary professionals, veterinary nurses/technicians, and support staff.

VAHL ACADEMY has academics who love to teach. Along with high-quality content, they give participants in our courses access to new and continually evolving knowledge. Develop your desired professional key skills by choosing our programs to challenge yourself professionally and to unleash your full potential.

Each participant is guaranteed to leave with new knowledge, techniques and tips, that improve patient outcomes, client care and practice profitability. Our CPD activities are most effective in facilitating lifelong learning by providing interactive veterinary education.  By actively improving your knowledge and skills, you will also build credibility with your clients and colleagues. By staying updated you will provide a better service to your patients and that enhances your practice contribution.

VAHL CCRP Lab Presence Days

Anyone who keeps on learning not only remains young but becomes constantly more valuable!

~ Dr. med. vet. Beate Egner

Together we will make this time a positive one despite all what is going on!

VAHL webinars have been held weekly since April 2020. These are held by specialists from all over the world. Topics include small animals and horses. The webinars meanwhile have over 900 registered participants. In September 2020, the symposia were additionally launched and are scheduled on a Wednesday..

The VAHL webinars have become a fixed institution: every Tuesday afternoon. Take advantage live or spend a moment the weekend after as the recording will remain free of charge for one week.

The organization and preparation was put to the test in the Covid pandemic and the challenges were solved excellently by the VAHL E-TEAM. This underlines the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration and a synergy of teaching-practice-industry as a goal-oriented step in terms of multimodal patient management.

Let's keep moving! · VAHL Webinars 
Particularly now, in times of the Corona pandemic, benefit from our free of charge VAHL Webinars to expand your professional knowledge! Learn more about exciting topics in the small animals and equine sector.
The Webinars are going to take place on Tuesdays at 16:30 hours (4:30 p.m.) CET, duration approx. 45-60 minutes in total. Occasionally we offer slots at lunch time 13:30 hours (1:30 PM) CET, if availability of our speaker is limited to this slot.

Take advantage live or spend a moment the weekend after as the recording will remain free of charge for one week.

It's time to become a VAHL Online Student!

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