VAHL Newsletter - Let's Keep Moving - 31

VAHL Newsletter 31

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Let's Keep Moving - 31

To a wonderful group of dedicated professionals

We hope you had a relaxing Easter Break. Welcome back!


Information about registering for the CCRP, CERP and CCMT locations (Info lab days) can be downloaded here: VAHL Dates and Locations »

VMPT (German language), course 2021/2022, start: September 3rd-5th 2021 at LMU Munich, Germany, registration open. Please contact us:

For more information please visit our VAHL.VET website: Homepage »

Nurse competition in the UK
Win a Place on the CCRP (Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner) course

The Veterinary Academy of Higher Learning (VAHL) has launched a competition in which one veterinary nurse will win a place on the Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner (CCRP-UT) course, valued at £ 5650.

The course is comprised of five modules, four of which are online and one taught in person.

Tracey Jones

The syllabus includes:

  • Regulatory issues and the basics of physical rehabilitation
  • Physical Agents and Electrotherapeutic Modalities (heating and cooling agents, ultrasound, shock wave treatment, cold lasers etc)
  • Therapeutic Exercise
    Prescription/Aquatic Therapy.
  • Designing and Implementing a Rehabilitation Program
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Observation / Case studies

To enter the competition, nurses are invited to write to Tracey Jones', email:

Please explain why you believe, you should be considered and what difference it would make to you and the practice you work at.

3 Steps to success

Do we need rehab if we have an excellent orthopedic and neurologic surgeon?
YES, particularly in this case, but also for the many patients we may not think of primarily in that respect, like geriatric or obese patients, young dogs, working and sports dogs to prevent injury and many more.

  • Step 1: Grab a lunch and meet: get a first insight why the best surgeon does not replace rehab and why teamwork is key.
  • Step 2: Get your first tools – no big investment but maximum outcome: join us for the online symposium on 9th June 2021
  • Step 3: Get your team ready - we support you in your academic education to become a Certified Canine or Equine Rehabilitation Practitioner

Upcoming DATES and REGISTRATION are as follows:

  • Step 1 - Get a first insight (free webinar):
    10th May 2021: 13:30 hours and 20:00 hours CET (Berlin, Amsterdam time) 2nd June 2021: 13:30 hours and 20:00 hours CET (Berlin, Amsterdam time)
    Register at Use as concern "Step 1" and please provide your preferred date and time, your name and profession.
  • Step 2 - Get your first tools (symposium): 9th June 2021
    Take advantage of the 55% discount through Boehringer Ingelheim Nordic (BI) and use one of the following promotion codes: Vetportal.NO or: Vetportal.SE or: Vetportal.DK · Register here >>
  • Step 3 - Get your team ready (CCRP/CERP education, various dates, installments and BI support available).
    Register here >>

VAHL Webinars

Please note:
Access data will arrive into your account from:

As our webinars are being recorded, you agree on being possibly displayed and having no right on your image. The content of the webinar is the responsibility of the speaker.

Deborah Gross Torraca

Small Animal Webinar:
Treatment of Iliopsoas Injuries with Manual Therapy, Pulsed Shockwave Therapy and a Home Exercise Program

  • Iliopsoas injuries are common in all active dogs and there are many methods of addressing the injury.
  • Manual therapy in the form of cross friction massage as well as joint mobilization is impactful in reducing the healing time and promoting the multimodal approach
  • Pulsed shockwave therapy to both the origin and the insertion of the iliopsoas muscle is advantageous to promote the multimodal approach.

When: Tuesday, 20 April 2021, 16:30 hours CET;

Link to registration (via email -


We proudly announce our new Team member:

Diana Dickscheid finished vet school with outstanding results end of March and joined us as a new team member on 1st April 2021. Diana is a very dedicated and highly motivated vet and will support us in the studies, publications but also the webinars and much more. After we both performed a covid test with negative result (😅) we could even have this picture together. Welcome Diana, it is a pleasure to have you on board.

Diana Dickscheid & Beate Egner


Today's Message

Always be curious and never stop searching for more to learn.

Warm regards
Beate and Team