VAHL - Grab a lunch and meet

Grab a lunch and meet


A joint approach of AniCura & the Veterinary Academy of Higher Learning, kindly supported by Boehringer Ingelheim Nordic

Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine
Successful implementation to improve outcome & quality of life for our patients, meeting client satisfaction while increasing revenue.

3 Steps to Success in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
- multimodal pain approach and much more -

Step 1:

  • Grab a lunch and meet: get a first insight why the best surgeon
    does not replace rehab and why teamwork is key

Step 2:

  • Get your first tools – no big investment but maximum outcome:
    join us for the online symposium on 9th June 2021

Step 3:

  • Get your team ready - we support you in your academic education
    to become a Certified Canine or Equine Rehabilitation Practitioner
Grab a lunch and meet