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Despite Covid, the CCRP courses including the practical days could take place worldwide and a new VMPT course was started in August 2020 in Munich.

The concept of the Veterinary Academy of Higher Learning (VAHL) worked.

What seemed impossible at first was able to take place thanks to the network and flexibility of VAHL: The attendance days! In Australia, they had to be offered decentrally, since even traveling between the territories was not permitted - an insurmountable hurdle ?


Not for VAHL: Attendance days were held in Brisbane and Perth in Australia and in Levine/New Zealand according to the registered participants. The local team (all experienced CCRPers) led the respective groups on site, while Prof. Millis from USA and Dr. Egner from Germany were connected via zoom. A bit of a challenge, as night shifts were also necessary due to the time difference . "No problem," said Dr. Egner, "the important thing is that we don't disappoint the trust placed in us. Even in a pandemic, there has to be a solution." And there was. The operation started punctually at 10 p.m. in Germany, in the U.S. it was only 4 p.m. whereas in Australia and New Zealand it started between 7 a.m. and 10 a.m. the next day. Through the zoom transmission, the exercises could also be controlled, commented and thus successfully carried out from the USA and Europe. Similarly, the attendance days took place in the European countries. In addition, VAHL initiated live Zoom Classrooms - a very popular option to discuss cases interactively. Instead of less- so more!

VAHL CCRP Water Treadmill

VAHL CCRP Water Treadmill

The countdown is on - enrollment for ULG Physical Therapy (CCRP/Academic Expert in Veterinary Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation for Dogs) 2021/22 expires at 11:59 p.m. on Jan. 31, 2021. The next ULG will start in 2023.

Please send applications directly to Vetmeduni Vienna:

The Vetmeduni Vienna offers this academic training in cooperation with the Veterinary Academy of Higher Learning (VAHL) every 2 years. The attendance days are held in German. The course is designed as blended learning, so that all lectures can be attended online. Only the practical days have to be completed on site, as well as the externship and final exam.

Further CCRP courses will take place in 2021 in English: March: Crete, April: Taiwan, August: UK, September: Italy, October: Mallorca, September or November: Australia - More information: - There is no deadline, registration is possible all year round.

VAHL CCRP Mallorca

VAHL CCRP Mallorca

And for those who want to focus more on the horse: in June, the attendance days for the CERP course will take place in Switzerland.

Accompanying literature for the CCRP courses: Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine in a nutshell. A Guide for Small Animal Practice.

3D-Cover_DE_Physikalische_Medizin, Rehabilitation und Sportmedizin auf den Punkt gebracht

From 30.01. to 10.2.2021 can be ordered free of shipping costs at:

“Keep moving  - spread out for more knowledge – your best investment into the future.

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