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NCMCourse topicNotePrice in €Link
NCM E-Learning CourseNutrition Case ManagementIntroductory 1 hour moduleFREEInfo / Order
NCM E-Learning CourseNutrition Case Management (NCM, Individual*)Online certificate program99,-Info / Order
NCM E-Learning CourseNutrition Case Management (NCM, Clinic**)Online certificate program299,-Info / Order

E-LearningCourse topicNotePrice in €Link
AnatomyApplied Anatomy of the CaninePT - Certified Course - Applied Anatomy (Individual)295,-Info / Order
Anatomy Course Plus BookApplied Anatomy of the CanineVET - Certified Course - Applied Anatomy (Individual) plus book (DE)383,62Info / Order
Anatomy Course Plus BookApplied Anatomy of the CanineVET - Certified Course - Applied Anatomy (Individual) plus Book (EN)383,62Info / Order
AnatomyApplied Anatomy of the CanineVET - Certified Course - Applied Anatomy (Individual)295,-Info / Order
Anatomy Course Plus BookApplied Anatomy of the CaninePT - Certified Course - Applied Anatomy (Individual) plus Book (DE)383,62Info / Order
Anatomy Course Plus BookApplied Anatomy of the CaninePT - Certified Course - Applied Anatomy (Individual) plus Book (EN)383,62Info / Order

Together we will make this time a positive one despite all what is going on!

VAHL webinars started in April 2020 and are held by specialists from all over the world. Topics include small animals and equines. The webinars now have over 900 registered participants. In September 2020, the symposia were additionally launched.

Currently the VAHL webinars take monthly place via ZOOM (live) on Tuesday afternoons at 4:30 pm Central European time (CET) and are being recorded. The recordings can be watched on request - participants of our webinar list automatically receive an info on the available webinar recordings and the access data of the live webinar via Dr. Beate Egners newsletter adddress:

In order to register, you need to belong to the professional circles in the field of rehablitation. Contact us email:

Let's Keep moving! · Free of charge VAHL Webinars · Be smart, take part!
Benefit from our free of charge VAHL Webinars to expand your professional knowledge! Learn more about exciting topics in the small animals and equine sector.
The duration is approx. 45-60 minutes in total. Occasionally we offer slots at lunch time, if the availability of our speaker is limited to this slot.

It's time to become a VAHL Online Student!

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07.08.-12.08.2023AustriaViennaFully booked - Lab days (Course language: German)
21.09.-24.09.2023ItalyMilan (Unisvet)Onsite clinical lab daysEnroll/Info
12.10.-15.10.2023Spain/MajorcaPalmaOnsite clinical lab daysEnroll/Info
27.11.-30.11.2023AustraliaAdelaideOnsite clinical lab daysEnroll/Info
18.01.-21.01.2024USA/FLSarasotaOnsite clinical lab daysEnroll/Info
19.02.-22.02.2024ThailandBangkokOnsite clinical lab daysEnroll/Info
09.03.-12.03.2024USA/TNKnoxvilleOnsite clinical lab daysEnroll/Info
24.04.-27.04.2024USAHawaiiOnsite clinical lab daysEnroll/Info
28.05.-31.05.2024IsraelTel AvivOnsite clinical lab daysEnroll/Info
05.06.-08.06.2024UKLondon area (to be confirmedOnsite clinical lab daysEnroll/Info
06.07.-09.07.2024USA/TNKnoxvilleOnsite clinical lab daysEnroll/Info
04.-07.09.2024CANBCOnsite clinical lab daysEnroll/Info
18.09.-21.09.2024ItalyMilanOnsite clinical lab daysEnroll/Info
25.09.-28 .09.2024USACAOnsite clinical lab daysEnroll/Info
13.10.-16.10.2024Spain/MajorcaPalmaOnsite clinical lab daysEnroll/Info
November 2024South Africa, PretoriaCenturionOnsite clinical lab daysEnroll/Info


Online exam: various slotsAll countriesHomeCCRP Exams - onlineEnroll/Info
Presence exam: only on request All countriesAll locations offeredCCRP Exams - presenceEnroll/Info



Modul-Nr. / DatumLandOrtInfoBuchenRegistrierung
21. Juli 2023 – 08. Sept. 2024DeutschlandLMU München und Frankfurt a.M.Registration
21. Juli 2023 – 08. Sept. 2024DeutschlandLMU München und TiHo HannoverRegistration

VMPT Abschlussprüfung 

Modul-Nr. / DatumLandOrtInfoBuchenRegistrierung
26.08.2021DeutschlandRaum Aschaffenburg/FrankfurtVMPT Registration 2020/21 Modules I-IV and ExamRegistrierung

Seminars / Workshops

18.SEPTEMBER 2021 / 10–16 UHRWorldwideOnlineDrott: Workshop Lasertherapie und neu: Hochfrequenztherapie in der Tiermedizin Wir bitten Sie um rechtzeitige Anmeldung bis 31.8.2021 unter Die Teilnehmeranzahl ist auf 20 Personen beschränkt.Die Teilnahme am Workshop ist kostenlos. Unter Registration finden Sie auch das Programm - PDFRegistration
from Jan 25, 2021 onWorldwideOnlineRecording (only veterinarians): Online Symposium von VAHL und Physia. "Therapeutischer Laser - Warum ein locked System (MLS®) den Unterschied macht ...Recording: LMS-VAHLRegistration
from Sept 25, 2020 onWorldwideOnlineAufzeichnung: Online Symposium von VAHL und Royal Canine. Senioren - ein spannendes Klientel, das unseren Tierbesitzern besonders am Herzen liegt.LMS-VAHLRegistration
On demandGermany/On demandInhouseHDO (High definition oscillometry) - Blood pressure, ECG ElectrocardiogramPresenceRegistration

VAHL Webinars

DateTimeTopicRegistration WEBRegistration E-MailSpeakerEvent-InfoInfo

Recording online

Clinical cases in neurorehabilitation: how to improvise when the case is not described in the book?

E-MailDr. Diane GrosjeanDr. Diane Grosjean
  • Two case reports will illustrate how to plan a unique rehabilitation protocol for dog patients with specific conditions.
  • Two neuro cases to illustrate this topic: one about cerebellar hypoplasia in an Aussie and a fibrocartilagenous embolism in a golden retriever.
10.01.2023Recording online

Equine Webinar:
Equine Cupping – Myofascial Decompression Therapy



E-MailDiane LandskronGesamtRead more
  • Effect and reasoning of myofascial decompression therapy
  • Techniques for loosening of muscles and fascia
  • Indications and common treatment protocols
05.07.2022Recording online

Cervical Spondylomyelopathy Wobbler part 1/2


E-MailDr. Angela Martins, Dr. Ana CardosoDr. Angela Martins Read more
  • Understanding the cervical injury!
  • Why is it so hard?!
  • The primary things you need to know before rehabilitation!

Registration vial E-Mail

14.06.2022Recording online

Cervical Spondylomyelopathy Wobbler part 2/2


E-MailDr. Angela Martins, Dr. Ana CardosoDr. Angela Martins Read moresee part 1 webinar from 05 July 2023

Registration vial E-Mail

15.02.2022on request

Hip Dysplasia

E-MailDr. Darryl L. MillisDarryl MillisRead moreRecording

Registration vial E-Mail

25.01.2022on request

Ischiadicuspathologie bei der Katze (Deutsch)

E-MailDr. med. vet. Lena GloningDr. med. vet. Lena GloningRead moreRecording

Registration vial E-Mail

18.01.2022on request

An integrative approach to diagnosing and treating myofascial pain in dogs

E-MailDr. Michele BroadhurstMichele BroadhurstRead moreRecording

Registration vial E-Mail

14.12.2021Recording online

Data analysis and performance dignostics in equine sports medicine and rehabilitation

E-MailDr. med. vet. Claudine AnenDr. med. vet. Claudine AnenRead more


  1. Prevention and early diagnosis
  2. Monitoring an equine health status
  • Improve equine health and performance useful in veterinary medicine and rehabilitation
30.11.2021on request


E-MailMarion MuchaMarion MuchaRead moreRecording

Registration vial E-Mail

12.10.2021on request

Physikalische Therapie für Nutztiere im Hobbybereich


E-MailDr. Kathleen WittekHeidiRead moreRecording

Registration vial E-Mail

05.10.2021on request

Physical therapy for companion farm animals


E-MailDr. Kathleen WittekHeidiRead moreRecording

Registration vial E-Mail

14.09.2021on request

Returning to sport while reducing the risk of injury


E-MailLee ClarkLee ClarkRead moreRecording

Registration vial E-Mail

27.08.2021-10.09.2021on request

Degenerative Myelopathy


E-MailDr. Angela Martins, Dr. Ana CardosoDr. Angela Martins Read moreRecording

Registration vial E-Mail

23.06.2021on request

 Movement disorders (dyskinesias) - German

E-MailDr. Kai RentmeisterDr. Kai RentmeisterRead moreRecording

Registration vial E-Mail

02.06.2021on request

Career Webinar: 3-Steps to Success

E-MailDarryl Millis and Beate EgnerDarryl Millis and Beate EgnerRead moreRecording

Registration vial E-Mail

25.05.2021on request

Fallbericht: Immobilisationssyndrom bei einer Galga (spanischer Windhund)

E-MailAndrea FöldyAndrea FöldyRead moreRecording

Registration vial E-Mail

06.05.2021on request

HDO Webinar · Lust statt Frust

E-MailDr. Beate EgnerHDO-WebinarRead moreRecording

Registration vial E-Mail

04.05.2021on request

Veterinary physical therapy from a humane physical therapist perspective.

E-MailVincent HoogstadVincent HoogstadRead moreRecording

Registration vial E-Mail

20.04.2021on request

Treatment of Iliopsoas Injuries

E-MailDeborah Gross TorracaDeborah Gross TorracaRead moreRecording

Registration vial E-Mail

30.03.2021on request
How to manage senior dogs at homeE-MailGreta OldfieldGreta OldfieldRead moreRecording

Registration vial E-Mail

23.03.2021On request
Training von JunghundenE-MailPriv. Doz. Dr. habil Barbara BockstahlerPriv. Doz. Dr. habil. Barbara BockstahlerRead moreRecording

Registration vial E-Mail

19.03 - 02.04.2021 On requestVeterinary Physiotherapy a Service Worth usingE-MailSr. Candice Ramsay CCRP, DVN Candice-ramseyRecording

Registration vial E-Mail

see linksee linkSmall animals, horsesRegistration


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At any timeYour countryYour choiceE-Learning courses (University Tennessee / Veterinary Academy of Higher Learning)Registration

Dates Conferences

06.10.-07.10.2023SwitzerlandAvenches/BernEVSO Congress 2023 Registration
03.11.-05.11.2023PortugalAlgraveIVCA Annual Conference 2023Registration
10.11.-11.11.2023GlobalOnlineOnline Veterinary Rehabilitation Summit Registration
29.11.-03.12.2023USA/CASan DiegoAmerican Association of Equine Practitioners, 69th Annual ConventionRegistration
10.02.-17.02.2024USA/CALake TahoeVOS 2024 ConferenceRegistration
11.04.-13.04.2024USAInformation coming soonACVSMR 2024Registration
30.10.-01.11.2024South AfricaCape TownThe 12th symposium of the International Association of Veterinary Rehabilitation and Physical TherapyRegistration