CCRP Advantages

Comprehensive curriculum that provides a solid foundation upon which to treat routine and complicated clinical cases, and to build and improve clinical practice in veterinary rehabilitation.
CERP Advantages

Unique benefits of CCRP Education by VAHL

VAHL has worked incessantly to develop the CERP program that meets the needs of the veterinarians, physical therapists or students of these professions. We are an institution of professional higher learning, where the focus is on you, your learning and your needs. Our Instructors are the leaders in veterinary rehabilitation and scientific research. We are offering internationally renowned education offered at beautiful locations and in collaboration with universities respectively around the world.

CERP opens new dimensions for you – our successful participants are highly sought-after worldwide and have excellent job prospects.

CCRP by VAHL offers the following advantages:

The CERP  Education ist offered throughout the world and no content is missing. Blended learning program (e-learning – interactive virtual classrooms) combined with in-depth practical training.

  • Established since 2005.
  • Recognized worldwide as the leader in equine rehabilitation training.
  • The University of Tennessee Certificate Program in Equine Physical Rehabilitation ensures, that people learn appropriate techniques to apply to horses getting rehabilitation.
  • Makes sure that the rehabilitation field developes as a valid scientifically based area provides basic understanding of physiology and biomechanics for performing rehabilitation
  • It is the only program in veterinary rehabilitation to win the distinguished Outstanding Non-Credit Program Award by the Association for Continuing Higher Education.
  • Emphasis on evidence-based medicine. Access to the latest clinical and laboratory research results presented by faculty who have performed research directly applicable to case management, often prior to publication Access to and practice/training with an extensive array of treatment approaches, including a myriad of equipment and emerging modalities
    which are based on clinical research Learn using state-of-the-art equipment
  • This educations means a real step forward in your professional life.
VAHL CERP Advantages
Horse sense is the thing a horse has which keeps it from betting on people.
~ W.C. Fields

Benefit from a global approach and work with the leading experts in the field!

The courses are designed to guide the veterinary professional from the theoretical foundations to the clinical applications of equine rehabilitation.

Here you find all information needed to become a CERP!

The certificate program in equine rehabilitation offers a series of postgraduate courses for veterinarians, physical therapists and veterinary technicians. After successful completion of all the online, e-learning and practical courses and after successfully passing the examination, participations will receive the title “Certified Equine Rehabilitation Practitioner”.

It's time to become a Certified Equine Rehabilitation Practitioner!

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