CAM – The Big Walk 2021

Canine Arthritis Management (CAM) – The Big Walk 2021


Canine Arthritis Management’s big fundraising event - CAM Big Walks - is making a return for 2021.

Things are going to be a bit different this year, we are going virtual with a 30 day series of emails taking people on an imaginary journey through a fictional land where things are looked at from the perspective of an arthritic dog.  What makes the place special, what are the best things about it and crucially what are the hazards to avoid.  Included in the email will be soundbites from experts such as David Dycus, Gilola Spattini, Laurie Edge Hughes etc etc and a chance to win prizes.  There is going to be a members-only Facebook group for lighthearted chat and for people to interact, share their adventures throughout the month and get involved in lives with experts.

All funds raised will be going towards developing a new and improved website that provides more advice, support and guidance to owners of arthritic dogs and covering our overheads.

It is all very exciting and a completely different approach to what has been done previously so I would really appreciate your support in promoting this event to help us reach more owners of dogs with arthritis and other joint conditions to help them give their dog a better quality of life.

The Big Walks webpage has been launched and there are sign-up options to suit different budgets. From the Garden Wanderer which is a mere £10, to the Forest Adventurer at £70, there is definitely something for everyone.

We want as many people to know about it as possible so any help to get the word out would be appreciated.

Please spread the message to your followers, thank you.
Help us help more arthritic dogs and their owners!

Hannah Capon
Director and Founder, Canine Arthritis Management

Link to the media pack about the CAM – The Big Walk 2021 - event

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Canine Arthritis Management (CAM) – The Big Walk 2021