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VBS understands the problems veterinarians face when planning animal hospitals or veterinary practices. Especially when it comes to the technical equipment, management and operation of their practices. The end result is that we are all better equipped to serve the best interests of our patients, their owner and the vet staff. Business planing and marketing your veterinary practice maybe not something you deal with every day. That’s where VBS comes in.

We understand Veterinary Practices

VBS is driven by a team of experienced professionals who represent the best in veterinary consulting, support and process development. We offer extensive experience through years of strategic planning for well-known clients. We have also developed the technical expertise to deliver results. We guide, oversee and support you in every phase of your business development. Our approach is to deliver solutions quickly and efficiently.

We can help you with:

  • Concept conception and implementation of physiotherapy and rehabilitation in your clinic or practice.
  • Necessary equipment planning
  • Planning staff requirements
  • Employee training:
    physiotherapy, rehabilitation, early detection of diseases leading to blood pressure changes, cardiovascular conditioning and monitoring, pulse wave analysis.
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You can break big plans into small steps and take the first step right away. Laying a solid foundation for you business will provide you with a road map to follow!
Dr. med. vet. Beate Egner

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Thematic focuses: Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine in Animals, as well as Cardiovascular Diagnosis, Conditioning and Monitoring