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The internationally renowned authors at VBS VET Publishing House write in a practice-minded and appealing style.
VBS Authors

Veterinary specialized literature · applicable to everyday practice

The veterinary specialized literature of the VBS VetVerlag Buchhandel und Seminar GmbH is highly relevant in everyday practice. Fact oriented knowledge: brief and concise with many practical details. Fundamental principles - scientific facts - case related, diagnostic information - guidance on inclusion of the owner in the pet's therapy, which is often the key to success.

The internationally renowned authors write in a practice-minded and appealing style. Thematic focuses are on physical medicine, rehabilitation and sports medicine in animals. Furthermore veterinary specialized literature is available on topics like blood pressure and pulse wave analysis, ECG, ophthalmology and dermatology.

Our list of current authors:

Andy Armitage, Rodney Bagley, Barbara Bockstahler, June A. Boon, Scott Brown, Matthew Brunke, Naomi Burtnik, Anthony Carr, Ionut Ciuperca, Jeff Collins, Michael Davidson, Renata Diniz, Marti Drum, Wolf Erhard, Franck Forterre, Christopher Frye, Stefanie Handl, Julia Henke+, Jennifer Hummel, Wilfried Kraft, Susanne Lauer, David Levine, Dragan Lorinson, Karin Lorinson, Federica Maggio, Johann Maierl, Daniel McCarthy, Hannah McLean, Solange Mikail, Darryl Millis, Monica Monici, Marion Mucha, Ralf S. Müller, Stefano Pizzirani, Bianca Reicher, Dorothy Selig, Rebecca Stepien, Sabine Tacke, Larry P. Tilley, Deborah (Gross) Torraca, FR Ungemach, Rico Vannini, Gustavo Vicente, Joseph J Wakshlag, Kathleen Wittek as well as Beate Egner, the director and owner of the VET Publishing House.
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Thematic focuses: Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine in Animals, as well as Cardiovascular Diagnosis, Conditioning and Monitoring