20 Years Schloss Seminare now VAHL - Veterinary Academy of Higher Learning

20 years of Schloss Seminare – now Veterinary Academy of Higher Learning (VAHL)


In 2000, exactly at the turn of the millennium, the Schloss-Seminare was founded by Dr. Beate Egner, and in 2004 the VetVerlag was added, which has since produced several veterinary bestsellers.

The standard work launched in 2019, "Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine. A Guide for Small Animal Practice" became the reference work in this field in all continents in just one year.

In 2006, Dr. Egner transformed these business areas into a GMBH and has since been operating under the name VBS - VetVerlag, Beratung und Seminar GmbH, which she heads as Managing Director. With these 3 pillars, the company has not only mastered ups and downs since then, but has also grown continuously internationally.

Veterinary Academy of Higher Learning · VAHL

A lean management of 7 permanent employees and more than 50 freelancers worldwide enables VBS today to act quickly and flexibly in the respective country but also with regard to strategic decisions.



This often makes the difference, especially in times like the current COVID pandemic. The company restructured quickly and without bureaucracy and was therefore able to continue all planned trainings in the new layout, start new book projects and expand their consulting business.

Due to the long-standing partnership with the University of Tennessee (UT) and the worldwide exclusive license of the CCRP, CERP, and all other veterinary continuing education courses from UT, as well as due to the close cooperation with universities but also the respective veterinary associations worldwide, the Castle Seminars were integrated into the Veterinary Academy of Higher Learning (VAHL), which has been founded in the meantime.

VAHL not only has an international reputation for providing high quality, academic continuing education, but is actively lobbying for the veterinary physical medicine profession, which already highlights how important the veterinarian should be seen in this context.

Parc of VAHL Veterinary Academy of Higher Learning

Parc of VAHL Veterinary Academy of Higher Learning

Physical medicine, rehabilitation and sports medicine can only be successfully implemented in a team approach. This requires a sound education and training of veterinarians and TFA but also a close cooperation with the animal owner, says Dr. Egner

VAHL webinars have been held weekly since April 2020. These are accessible free of charge and are held by specialists from around the world. Topics include small animals such as horses. The webinars now have over 900 registered participants.

In September 2020, the symposia were additionally launched on a Wednesday each year. Preparations are currently underway for the next symposium, which will be held on January 20, 2021, in cooperation with Physia®: Therapeutic Laser in Focus.

PD Dr. Barbara Bockstahler, President of the European College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation (ECVSMR), will explain the importance of a well-founded continuing education starting with the CCRP, which will also take place again in Vienna as a university course in 2021, up to the Diplomate of the ECVSMR, scientifically underpinned by her intensive research activities.

Meanwhile also known as a laser expert, Dr. Barbara Esteve Ratsch, CCRP, Academic Expert for Phyiscal Medicine and Rehabilitation will lead professionally through the program.

In addition to a coupon code, the Physia® company provides a lot of information about lasers on its website.

This underlines the importance of interdisciplinary cooperation and a synergy of teaching-practice-industry as a goal-oriented step in the sense of multimodal patient management, says Dr. Egner.

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